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I am a living picture of the scandalous Grace of GOD. My prayer is to live as a vessel that shines the light of the Living GOD. This blog is a place to put my thoughts, a journal of my thirtys if you will. I am 32, single, no kids. And this is my life...for now.

Salvation Prayer

If you want to make Jesus your Lord & Savior,, all you have to do is pray: "Lord Jesus, I believe you are the Son of God, You were resurrected from the grave by our Heavenly Father. Thank you for dying on the cross to save me. I repent of my sins and ask Your forgiveness. Please give me the gift of eternal life. I ask you to be my Lord and Savior. I want to serve you always." Amen.

Monday, December 22, 2008


It occurred to me yesterday as I was listening to Travis Cottrell sing “Annie’s song,” the LORD DOES fill my senses. As I took a walk on a trail that edges the Pacific Ocean, I realized how breath taking the world is through the gifts of my senses. Senses that are gifts to me from my heavenly father; so much so, I thought I would take a moment and share a few:

· The fragrance of a fresh Christmas tree; what I call “green perfume” (like Marilyn in the Misfits)
· The sight of snow, so undisturbed and clean, as if God just laid out a white perfect blanket down for all to see.

· The touch of the felt patchwork stocking my mom made for me.
· The sight of a rushing river, moving rapidly and smoothly against river rocks.
· The taste of a peppermint candy cane.

· The sight of Christmas lights glowing all around a tree.
· The sound of thunder, a little scary, but mostly amazing and powerful.
· The aroma of chocolate chip cookies being baked to give as gifts.
· The sight of White Christmas on my television.
· The sound of O Holy Night.
· The sight of the perfect shade of green, one that comes when the sunlight shines through a leaf on a tree.
· The sweet and tart taste of cranberry sauce.
·The sound of bells; any bells. Little tinkle bells, big ol’ church bells, or sleigh bells.
· The sight of Christmas wreath’s on doors.
· The fragrance of hot apple cider.
· The warm and magical touch of the Santa Ana winds.
· The sound of Christmas carolers.
· The sight of the Nativity, grand scale or home-spun.
· The touch of a crackling fire, warming my chilled skin.
· The sight and sound of a four-man band playing carols at the entrance of the boardwalk. All the while taking in the sight of the sun dancing on the ocean.
· This next one practically takes all senses, but is a tradition and love of mine. Going to see the Nutcracker Ballet. The colors, the music, the art of dance. It is like dessert for the eyes and ears.
· The fragrance of good food, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole and sweet potatoes, Oh my and don’t forget pumpkin pie.
· The sound of my mom saying Merry Christmas on Christmas morning.
· The aroma of fresh brewed coffee on Christmas morning.
· The smell of fresh air, anywhere.
· The sound of a note being reached in perfect harmony.
· The sight and sound of Clydesdale horses; all horses for that matter. (I’m a girl with that horse – love thing). But there is something about them galloping in the snow.

Now the last thing I want to note is not a sense, as in the 5 senses; but I do believe it is a sense of God and His nearness.

· The hope I have in my heart. For dreams to come, for memories to savor, for present moments to be handled with care and love. I love that at this time of year, I feel that the LORD gives me that sense of Joy and Peace and that He is present.

Merry Christmas!


Abbasgirl said...

Beautiful post. Have a very Merry Christmas.


Yolanda said...

This was a delight to my senses to participate in your lovely writing.

Merry Christmas!